"The team dedicated to your success"

About Us

We have been in the Consulting & Training Industry for the last 10 years, since 2002. The “Real Estate Academy” is a spin-off of our core business.

We have also diversified from the hospitality (core) into Real Estate as we have personally invested and are passionate about Real Estate after being exposed to the various Educational Centers teaching Real Estate around Asia. We found that they all lack proper methodologies, systems & strategies in place.

Therefore, we are leading the initiative, by reinventing the Real Estate Education in Malaysia with current training practices that have been proven successful.


To improve the effectiveness of Real Estate organizations by training and equipping new "Negotiators" with the various 'skills and knowledge' to be future Estate Agency Owners.


Our progression comes from the belief that we have to:
"Look Beyond Tomorrow but Take Action Today"



Ramscott Academy applies tried and true formula, incorporating elements of current practice in all of its programs.  Knowledge of these key practices equips "Negotiators" with the tools they need to see the whole picture and succeed.

In support of these key areas, we also address Sales & Marketing, Information Technology and specific skills development as core areas for success in any organization.  We supplement well-researched business frameworks with experiential initiatives to ensure that "Negotiators" can internalize and apply the principles they learn. Ramscott Academy has a cadre of trainers who focus on active experiential approaches.